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Posted by on Dec 1, 2016 in Roofing Work |

Steps to take care of roof leaks

The roofs above our head are the most important part of a house as it is a necessity. In an area like ours, leakages or breaking of roofs is the most common problem and almost everyone faces it. So why face it anymore when it can be fixed forever just with the simple help of professionals who have hands-on experience in this field for years. The problems with roofs are not just one but many and solutions to these are also many. Solution totally depends on the kind of problems the customer is facing. The main problem is that customers do not get to know what the main problem is with their roofs and this is where the services by Guardian Roofing comes in. For professionals, it is very easy to spot the problems where the roof has a hole or where the leakage has started. Leakages in a roof are not caused by one hole only as the water can flow from one spot to another making it difficult to find the actual spot where it all started before the roofs get all soaked in water and the walls inside the house start getting soaked too with water leaving behind stains. Missing of shingles from the roof or damaged tiles is also an indicator of the roofs getting damaged.

First, let’s see types of roof damages:-

  • Cracked Shakes
  • Missing Shingles
  • Broken Tiles
  • Damaged Shingles
  • Wind Damage
  • Mechanical Damage
  • Water Damage
  • Gross Granule Loss

To take care of your roofs there are many ways which customers can get treated. You can get waterproof barriers which will stop the leakages from getting inside the house, says Off Your Wall. Hip and ridge cap shingles can also be installed as these are the places where the leakages are more likely to happen. Also, customers should go for a single system of roof repairing as different parts from different services can cause problems , so it is better that there is one and only one service provider for your whole roof.

STEEL ROOFS – These are preferred for their many qualities like fire resistant, easy in installing, low maintenance, longevity, lightweight and reflecting the sun off the roof which helps the house to remain cool.

TERRACOTA ROOFING – This one retains the aesthetic appearance of your home with age and time also it is a peaceful option as it absorbs most of the outside sounds giving you a peaceful environment.

ROOF WASHING – This is a very important because even if your roof is restored, you need a service provider to clean the roof at least once a year to keep it maintained. That’s why we recommend you get roof washing services by Off Your Wall.

CONCRETE ROOFING – This is one option which can never fail, whatever happens as it is layered to your roof, and also is the cheapest but the best option.

RIDGE CAPPING – Full repointing of the roofs is done and the caps which have become loose over time are bedded again and loose tiles are repaired so that leakages do not happen.

ROOF COATING – At the end of the whole process the roofs are doubled coated with paints or sealers to ensure further roof leakages do not happen.

Roof Painting Services can be made available with a professional firm by your side, and is known to be quite an important service after all the roof coating and repointing is done.