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Posted by on Jan 16, 2017 in Home Maintenance | 0 comments

Stair Designs by Reputed Companies

When it comes to stair designs, a reputed stairs’ based firm can design the custom stairway of your dreams. Choose from a wide selection of the finest materials, beautiful railing styles, elegant balusters and creative solutions. They provide customised stair designs which incorporate oak, poplar, cherry, maple, beech, walnut, mahogany, hickory, birch, wrought iron, metals, glass, and cable.

From contemporary to traditional, floating staircases to curved, double winder to spiral, timber to glass, we have the experience and knowledge required to create a warm and inviting design. They understand the fact that it can be overwhelming to choose elements, materials, and styles for your stairway. A known team can guide you to the best solutions for your vision.

Staircases play a very important role in the house. However, a custom staircase can make a huge difference to a home and if you want to create the ‘WOW’ factor, a custom staircase is a way to do it and the end result is a beautiful modern elegant staircase that opens up the foyer and the stunning slopeside view is visible through the open threads.

The advantages of custom stairs are many — from the craftsmen’s methods to the time savings — with the bottom line being affordable high-quality results.

Framing details for stairwell

  • Having difficulties determining how to frame for the stair?
  • Uncertain if the stair you are planning will be stable?
  • Have windows or lighting on your staircase wall, and need exact specifications for their position?

From your plan or sketch, professionals will layout your stair in detail suitable for production, and deliver you a coordinating framing information. This information will direct you on the well opening size and all wall lengths essential to align perfectly to your stair layout.

Custom Design Balustrade

If you are searching for a custom designed balustrade or staircase for your house or workplace, a known professional firm has the solution.

From precise lines to luxurious curves, custom balustrade design includes it all. Some people choose a slight angle, others a sweeping curve, and still others the regulated autonomy of ninety-degree angles. Whatever your requirements, a custom balustrade should always be an expression of your particular design sensibility.

Types of balustrade for your interior design project:

  • Stainless steel – Stainless steel is a normal choice when creating balustrades as it is the most durable and versatile material available.
  • Wood – The most common type of balustrade is that constructed of wood. Wood balustrades usually have a simple design.
  • Glass – Glass balustrades are very popular because they have the benefit of not blocking the light in a building. Light passes through the glass, making it possible to see your surroundings.

From wooden balustrades on housing floors to commercial grade glass and steel assemblies, custom balustrades graces every environment with their creativity and inventive spirit.

Benefits of hiring a professional company:

  • No hassle, no frustration, no contamination
  • No manufacturing required. No lengthy manufacturing & installation delays
  • Saving cost and time